About Dirty Girl Soaps


At Dirty Girl Soaps we support natural products, keepin it green, keepin it real, and the right to be seriously pampered. All of our products are crafted, made, mixed and packed with love and by hand. There is nothing dirty about any of our products. There is absolutely no animal testing, no harmful chemicals, and the herbs that we use are certified organic, wild harvested, and sustainably harvested.

It’s a Dirty World out there; pamper yourself… because you deserve it.

We are a small Family & Native owned business located in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Dirty Girl Soaps has been in operation since 2010. We have incorporated our lifelong interest in native plants and herbalism into our unique formulas. Our mission is to create incredible pampering products made from natural and organic ingredients. We take great pride in our small home based business, our commitment to our loyal customers, and in the products that we create in our Secret Bubble Lab.

Our natural products are biodegradable, cruelty free, minimally packaged, and do not contain unnatural preservatives, petroleum or other harmful chemicals.

We recycle everything that we can including our shipping boxes, so you may get a slightly used shipping box, but you will always be getting beautiful soap and products of the highest quality!

As a matter of fact, our company is so green that our Web Hosting site is run on 100%  wind power, now how cool is that!

Dirty Girl Soaps is proud to be cleaning up the world one person at a time!

*In an effort to save trees, we do not maintain a printed catalog. Please refer to our website  for the latest information.

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